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The fusion of technology with networked data systems has led to the emergence of new risks and threats that will impact manufacturing operations.

Problem statement

Manufacturing has become an advanced and complex process - interconnected systems and data control factories, production, and the supply chain. In spite of the importance of securing the data, 40% of all manufacturers fail to have a formal cyber security strategy. These manufacturers lack the ability to detect a possible security event, and cannot respond to a cyber breach. Manufacturers face several challenges that must be considered when securing their networks and data.

Challenge 1 - Loss of Intellectual Property

It is believed that the most common motivation for a cyberattack against a manufacturer is theft of intellectual property - in fact, 21% of those who reported an attack suffered a known loss of their intellectual property. Intellectual property theft takes two forms: “hard” IP theft, which involves theft of specific information such as plans for an aircraft, and “soft” IP theft, which is usually focused on a specific industrial process. Together, this theft results in a significant loss of revenue and competitive advantage.

Challenge 2 - Industrial Control Systems and the Rise of the Internet of Things

Traditionally, manufacturers have relied on simple industrial control systems (ICS) to automate production; management of these systems was the responsibility of an operations group. As these systems have become Internet-enabled, they have introduced extensive risks into the IT network. Securing ICS is a highly specialized task; failure to properly identify and manage these devices can impact a production network. Looking to the future, manufacturers are the leaders in adopting the Internet of Things, IoT - wired and wireless devices that move the network to non-traditional endpoints such as automobiles, household appliances, and other manufactured products. These devices will require cybersecurity to be embedded in the product. Successful security will require the application of the security techniques used for ICS.

Challenge 3 - The Industrial Ecosystem

Manufacturers do not exist in isolation - an array of regulatory agencies, vendors, logistical support (warehousing and transport) and marketplaces must interact to bring products to the final consumer. To be successful, manufacturers must ensure that cybersecurity is applied across the partner ecosystem. Securing the Manufacturer DigitalDefence is uniquely qualified to assist manufacturers in securing their production systems and the important partners in their ecosystem. A security program for manufacturers confers the following benefits: Ensures the safety of industrial IT operations, Minimizes unplanned business interruptions, reducing financial loss and damage to the brand, and Defends intellectual property against loss or alteration by business competitors.

Safeguarding Manufacturing

Cyber attacks against industrial systems can have consequences that impact the enterprise and connected networks and devices - they may even impact people's safety. DigitalDefence can help you by implementing a security program that addresses strategic and operational security for a comprehensive solution. At the strategic level, we will work with you to develop a strategic program that focuses on protecting intellectual property while lending support for activities such as secure supply chain management and providing assistance in assessing companies during M&A due diligence.

From an operational perspective, DigitalDefence supports the secure architectures, penetration testing, and incident response of specialized industrial control systems / SCADA devices. As organizations continue their adaptation of the Internet of Things, IoT, we will continue to support these devices as they are connected to the network.

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