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How much security risk does your business face—and how can you manage this risk? Do you understand the regulations, laws, and best practices that govern security and privacy in an organization like yours? Are you presently upgrading your network, or planning on implementing new technologies? Can you prove the security of your network and its data? What do you do when your network and data are being attacked?


Advisory Services are designed to develop and maintain your security program. These strategic services focus on governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) and are directly derived from your organization’s business strategy and practices.

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Protect services will help you to identify security threats in your network, and understand their true impact on your organization. This knowledge will help you to build an effective security plan, and act before you become the victim of a security or privacy breach.

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Our Cyber Emergency Response Team, ddCERT, provides customers with access to our pool of experienced incident responders. This gives you the quick start and structured support to respond to any attack against your network and its data resources.

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Training is the most cost-effective way to secure your organization.

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