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Healthcare cybersecurity is no longer just a compliance challenge - the ability of attackers to interact with medical devices puts lives at risk

Protecting Healthcare Data from Cyber Threats

89% of healthcare organizations and 61% of their partners have experienced a breach in the past 24 months. The average cost to a hospital is $2.1 million per breach. The healthcare industry cannot sustain these losses. Breaches of patient data from internal and external attackers are increasing liability risks. Attacks against the network are diverting financial and personnel resources away from the purpose of healthcare providers. As the number of cyber attacks increases, healthcare organizations must adapt to some unique challenges.

Challenge 1 - Lack of Critical Resources

Healthcare organizations rely on lean IT teams to ensure availability and effectiveness of data resources. There is limited funding for long-term strategic security projects, specialized security solutions, or the training required needed to recognize and respond to complex security incidents.

Challenge 2 - Interconnected Data Systems and Data

Healthcare networks are no longer single data points - data must be shared with patients and other healthcare providers. The always-up nature means that data is continually being exposed to external and internal attacks. Accidental or intentional data leakage places each healthcare provider at risk of a significant liability. The sharing of data introduces new challenges in regulatory compliance, especially when considering privacy, security of vendors and the supply chain, and cross-border issues. Are you prepared to manage the risks of third parties who can access your data?

Challenge 3 - Complex Technology

Healthcare technology is complex - IT teams must contend with a network that is more than servers and workstations. Mobile devices, PoS terminals, and specialized wireless networks are common. DigitalDefence is the single solution for securing all aspects of these complex networks. Healthcare operators also have medical devices that require unique operating systems or connectivity; failure to secure these systems could affect a patient’s life. Assessing the security and protecting these devices against attack is a unique DigitalDefence skill set.

Securing the Healthcare Provider

Helping healthcare providers to protect patient data and meet compliance requirements is our first priority. DigitalDefence will work with you to develop a cybersecurity program that provides immediate results while supporting long-term objectives. Benefits of our healthcare cybersecurity program include: Long-term healthcare-specific program optimizes your security investment, Streamlines regulatory compliance and audit, Protects healthcare systems and data from current attacks and emerging threats, Extends security from the network to remote sites and medical devices, and Promotes security awareness among staff and patients.

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