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1st Responder’s Workshop for ICS Overview

DigitalDefence’s 3-day workshop for First Responders is a hands-on look at how data security incidents are caused, how to recognize them, and how to resolve them with minimum financial loss and reputational damage. Industrial control systems (ICS) is a term used to describe the networks, systems, devices, and controls that are used to automate industrial processes. Frequently, these processes form the foundation the critical infrastructure that is required for the effective operations of an entire country. Their importance cannot be denied; however, from an IT and incident response perspective, there are several unique challenges associated with ICS. Most importantly: physical management is as important as remote logical management, enterprise-wide collection of data is difficult, there is a lack of ICS-specific methodologies and tools, and remediation processes are very specific, and must not impact normal operations. DigitalDefence’s 1st Responder’s Workshop for Industrial Control System addresses the unique elements of an ICS response, ensuring that industrial operations and critical infrastructure can withstand a cyber attack.

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