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Incident Response and Management


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All data networks come under attack by motivated hackers or disgruntled insiders; it is inevitable that –sooner or later- a security incident will occur. It is even possible that a breach, releasing confidential data to unauthorized persons, will result. The goal of Incident Response and Management is to prepare in advance to recognize and respond to a security breach, and to effectively respond to such a breach when it does occur. A rapid response protects your Information assets and resources, and allows you to comply with regulatory requirements, avoid legal liability, prevent relay attacks against other organizations, and to minimize the potential for negative exposure to vendors, partners, and customers. DigitalDefence has pioneered the Agile Incident Management, or AIM™, program to increase the effectiveness of the incident response processes. AIM is the totality of proactive and reactive measures undertaken to help prevent and manage data security incidents across an organization.

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